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Insurance Coverage Litigation

Through its experience defending claims, McConnaughhay Coonrod has also developed significant experience in addressing issues related to insurance coverage.  Like any other contract, the modern insurance policy aims to provide certainty to the parties regarding their relationship and the types of coverage available to an organization.  Further, the contract is designed to provide a level of stability for insurers so there is reasonable certainty in defining a covered loss. Litigation related to the insurance contract and similar issues involves long-standing case law as well as statutory requirements associated with insurer's duty to its insured.

Our attorneys have significant experience in providing evaluations of insurance contracts and facts related to claims to advise as to whether there may be duties for the insurer based on such exposure.  Further, we have defended litigated claims for coverage based on attempts to improperly expand the responsibility of the insurer in such situations. The range of policies we have addressed is broad and includes contracts ranging from automobile insurance to workers' compensation to veterinary malpractice and includes:

  • First Party Actions
  • Third Party Actions
  • Bad Faith Claims
  • Examination and Interpretation of Exclusions to Coverage
  • Arbitration Matters
  • Assignment of Benefits Issues
  • Insured Obligations
  • Fraudulent Claims for Policy Benefits

No matter the dispute or issue, we strive to represent our clients in the most effective manner possible in this multi-faceted area of the law.