Friend of the Court (Amicus) Brief to Support Friends of Business

January 15, 2016

Furthering our representation of businesses and employers, Jim McConnaughhay and David McCranie submitted an Amicus Brief to the Florida Supreme Court on behalf of a number of business and employer organizations in defense of Florida's Workers' Compensation law. In Stahl v. Hialeah Hospital et al., SC15-725, Petitioners seek to have the Florida Supreme Court determine Florida’s Workers’ Compensation statute is unconstitutional based on claims it fails to provide adequate remedies to injured employees. In conjunction with the arguments of Respondents, the Amicus Brief McConnaughhay and McCranie filed on behalf of Associated Industries of Florida, the Florida Retail Federation and several other business organizations, sets out for the Court the key facts and policy arguments supporting Chapter 440. A copy of brief can be viewed at