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Administrative Litigation

McConnaughhay Coonrod’s administrative law practice serves a variety of employer, insurance carrier, servicing agents and regulated entities governed by the laws and administrative rules of the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation and the Department of Financial Services.   We provide comprehensive and proactive advice regarding all aspects of regulatory compliance, claims handling, medical bill review and administrative litigation before the Department and the Division of Administrative Hearings.   Our work on behalf of clients has involved establishing professional relationships with the Department to proactively resolve regulatory compliance, rule-making and workers’ compensation reimbursement disputes.

Our Firm’s extensive knowledge of virtually all aspects of the Workers’ Compensation system has uniquely positioned us to work cooperatively, wherever possible, with the Department and industry stakeholders.  When ambiguities or defects in the system become apparent and not otherwise resolvable, we have been and are able to file administrative rule challenges, leading to the repeal and revision of administrative rules, as well as the policies and practices by the Division of Workers’ Compensation and the Department of Financial Services. 

We are well-versed and effective in handling all aspects of workers’ compensation reimbursement disputes and litigation related to employer/carrier authorization and payment for medical care and treatment.  We have assisted clients with resolving hundreds of medical reimbursement claims.  Our experience has positioned us to cooperatively participate in ongoing administrative, regulatory and legislative proposals relating to workers’ compensation authorization, compliance and medical reimbursement.

Much Like our Workers’ Compensation and Civil counterparts, our administrative and regulatory attorneys take a strong and proactive role in educating the workers’ compensation and insurance community regarding medical bill review, regulatory compliance, dispute handling, reimbursement and rulemaking.