Practice Areas

McConnaughhay, Coonrod, Weaver & Stern, P.A. is a leader in providing full service litigation in a wide variety of practice areas to a diverse range of clients. Our attorneys can offer guidance, strategy, and representation in the following areas:


Administrative Litigation

McConnaughhay Coonrod serves clients in a variety of business and professional disputes and pre-dispute planning relating to governmental agency rules and regulation, decision-making and litigation. 


Civil Litigation

McConnaughhay Coonrod serves clients in a wide array of civil litigation. The scope of our practice extends from traditional insurance-related issues to complex litigation in state and federal courts.

Workers' Compensation

The defense of workers' compensation claims has been a focal point of McConnaughhay Coonrod’s practice since its inception. Throughout the State of Florida, and extending into Georgia, we have long been at the forefront of workers' compensation law and continue to set the standard of excellence in the representation of employers and their insurance carriers.


Health Care Provider Reimbursement Disputes

McConnaughhay Coonrod represents workers compensation employers and carriers in litigating and resolving all manner of reimbursement disputes arising under the Workers Compensation Law as a result of claims for payment by health care providers and other vendors to the workers compensation system.


Appellate Practice

McConnaughhay Coonrod’s Appellate Practice Group provides the experience and assistance needed by our existing clients, new clients and lawyers from other firms in matters that involve, or are likely to involve, an appeal.

Jones Act

McConnaughhay Coonrod represents clients in actions pursuant to the Jones Act, a federal statute that regulates maritime commerce in U.S. waters and between U.S. ports and provides for the promotion and maintenance of the merchant marine.


Longshore & Harbor Workers' Compensation Act and Its Extensions

McConnaughhay Coonrod represents employers, insurance carriers, third party administrators, staff leasing companies, and self insured entities in the defense of claims arising under the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (LHWCA, the "Act") and the Defense Base Act.


Administrative Oversight

McConnaughhay Coonrod's regular monitoring of the regulatory process helps our clients stay informed of rules and regulations to avoid compliance issues.

Judicial Oversight

McConnaughhay Coonrod examines new court and tribunal decisions to advise our clients about judicial interpretations of the law and how these can affect policies and practices.

Legislative Oversight

McConnaughhay Coonrod reviews the process of relevant information from the legislative process to keep clients informed of laws as they are proposed and developed.