Jason Taylor to Address Employment Issues in Valdosta

November 16, 2015

Partner Jason Taylor will address attendees at the third annual “Building Blocks of Employment Law,” held on December 2, 2015, in Valdosta, GA. Jason’s presentation will consist of two hour-long sessions. The first session will focus on the Fair Labor Standards Act and issues related to employee wages. The second session will address issues related to the Family Medical & Leave Act and its interrelationship with the Americans with Disabilities Act, along with other forms of employee leave. Jason will be joined by Jason Veil of Allen, Norton & Blue, P.A., who will present information on the Affordable Care Act and best practices related to termination. This seminar will provide valuable information for human resources professionals, business owners, managers and supervisors, and several other positions interacting with and developing policies for employees. For more information, you can view an online description of the seminar at or contact Jason directly.

  Jason C. Taylor, Partner
  (850) 222-8121