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Commercial Motor Carrier Defense

Defending claims and lawsuits filed against commercial motor carriers and their employees is more involved than defending other automobile or personal injury actions.  Proper defense of these claims requires definitive knowledge of the particular administrative, regulatory and legal issues faced by commercial motor carriers and their drivers.

Our attorneys have defended commercial motor carriers, large and small, against many types of claims.  Our experience includes a range of cases from catastrophic injuries to multi-fatality wrongful death actions to soft tissue cases with alleged violations of applicable federal motor carrier safety regulations that significantly increase potential exposure.

Presuit investigation and assessment and proper preservation of evidence is an integral aspect of a successful defense or resolution of claims and suits involving commercial motor vehicles. Our attorneys have the knowledge to properly investigate and assess the many issues that arise in the aftermath of a collision involving a commercial motor vehicle, including identification and procurement of documents and records needed to assess and defend such claims, preservation of key information and images, assessment of driver qualification issues, hours of service issues and vehicle inspection and maintenance issues, among others.

This knowledge of the particular concerns faced by commercial motor carriers is key to honing in on the most significant liability matters early in the case. We can then develop the most effective strategy for the resolution and/or defense of the case.  Our experience in defending catastrophic and fatality (wrongful death) cases also enables us to identify and address the pertinent damages issues involved.