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Religious and Nonprofit Organizations

Legal issues related to religious and nonprofit organizations require specialized expertise to address compliance issues and claims. Religious organizations have certain exceptions to requirements involving employment matters, but this does not represent freedom from all types of regulation. Additionally, certain nonprofit organizations receive funding from government sources, implicating responsibilities that otherwise may not apply.

Our firm has represented a number of religious and nonprofit organizations to address many forms of claims. Unfortunately, the work such organizations do does not prevent them from being the target of claims and lawsuits that can cause significant financial hardship.  In defending these organizations, we have specific experience in addressing the above concerns and effectively and efficiently protecting our clients in matters involving:

  • Discrimination Claims
  • Public Accommodation Actions
  • Class Actions
  • Employment Actions
  • First Amendment Claims
  • Personal Injury Litigation
  • Section 1981
  • Section 1983

In addressing the matters above, we work to protect and advise our clients in the most effective and efficient manner possible.