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Personal Injury/Bodily Injury

Injury claims range from basic damage to a person’s or organization’s property to catastrophic injuries resulting in significant permanent debilitating conditions. These claims involve a number of factors relating to liability for the damages claimed, as well as numerous defenses a person or business may have. A thorough investigation of the facts and the assertions that may come in the form of a variety of different experts is imperative to address such actions.

McConnaughhay Coonrod has a long history of defending individuals and businesses from claims of injury in a variety of different forms, from automobile liability to premises liability to claims of negligence by professionals. Our attorneys have the requisite experience to address proper preservation of evidence at the time of damage or injury, investigate the facts related to a claim and fully defend a case based on the options available under the law.  Our efforts focus on taking every necessary step to collect and investigate evidence to contest liability where appropriate and oppose claims of improper and excessive damages, including:

  • Complete Liability Investigations
  • Documentation and Cataloging of Evidence Relevant to the Issues to Ensure a Proper Defense and Avoid Spoilation
  • Interviews of Relevant Witnesses to Prevent the Loss of Key Testimony
  • Recommendations for Avoiding Future Liability Based on Investigation Information
  • Comprehensive Defense Strategy to Protect Your Interests
  • Examination of Claimants in All Available Aspects to Assess Credibility of Claims

No matter the dispute or issue, we strive to resolve the dispute in the most effective and efficient manner possible to best protect our clients' interests.