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Slander, Libel and Defamation

The modern technological age allows digital and social media platforms the potential to affect a person or entity's reputation quickly and extensively.  While social media is an effective tool to advertise, it can also become a process by which others seek to damage or destroy a business. Further, simple patron or customer reviews on websites such as TripAdvisor, Travelocity or other similar or industry-based websites can cause extensive damage to a person or business as false information is published and subsequently disseminated.

In many cases, there is a lack of knowledge as to what published information represents defamation or slander, regardless of whether it may be published with express malice.  Our firm has both defended clients facing claims of defamation or slander and also sought to protect our clients where such events occur.  We are responsive and have experience in addressing the concerns of our clients to eliminate defamatory information and protect our clients from the continued publication of false or defamatory statements.  Such knowledge is valuable to be able to avoid delay and quickly reduce damages caused by the information or exposure caused by the potential inadvertent but improper publication of information and we are able to protect our clients interests through:

  • Rapid Response to Defamatory Material
  • Full Evaluation of Potential Damages to Allow for Proper Valuation of Any Claim
  • Assessment of Potential Responses to Harmful Information to Avoid Counterclaims
  • Cooperation with Coordination of Positive Publicity Efforts to Counteract Defamatory Information
  • Developing of Strategies to Detect and Avoid Dissemination of Improper Negative Information

In addressing the matters above, we work to protect our clients, advise how to eliminate slander and defamatory information, and avoid liability in those efforts.