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Wrongful Death

Wrongful death claims present issues and damages that can generate significant exposure.  Initial evidence must be properly retained, and all issues to oppose liability must be thoroughly developed.  Investigation of each aspect of liability and damages is critical to properly evaluate and determine how best to defend against this type of claim.

Our attorneys are experienced in the nuances associated with wrongful death claims, which are different from basic personal injury claims.  This enables our firm to protect your business in litigation and to take alternative measures that may eliminate or limit exposure.  This experience is different from basic personal injury claims and enables our firm to protect your business from both a litigation standpoint and to take alternative measures that may limit exposure both from a monetary and publicity standpoint, including the following actions:

  • Comprehensive Liability Investigations to Address Liability for Our Clients and Determine the Potential Liability of Any Third Parties
  • Early Involvement and Coordination of Efforts to Establish Existence of Proper Coverage
  • Documentation and Cataloging of Evidence to Ensure a Proper Defense and Avoid Spoilation of Claims
  • Interviews of Relevant Witnesses to Prevent the Loss of Key Testimony and Evaluate Potential Damages of Surviving Family Members
  • Comprehensive Defense Strategy to Protect Your Interests and Avoid Unnecessary Litigation
  • Examination of Claimants/Surviving Family Members in All Available Aspects to Assess Credibility of Claims

No matter the dispute or issue, we strive to resolve the dispute in the most effective and efficient manner possible to best protect our clients' interests.