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General Liability

McConnaughhay Coonrod’s general liability practice encompasses a broad range of claims, from auto accidents and slip and fall claims to sophisticated personal injury claims.  We defend such cases on behalf of individuals, corporations, local and state government agencies, and their respective insurers.  From the inception of any case, our goals are to collect and preserve key facts and documents, identify and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the case, and marshal all available defenses. At all stages of the litigation, our focus is to ensure the most cost-effective resolution available for our clients.

The breadth of general liability claims is considerable, and the firm’s attorneys have the varied experience to match. The diverse experience of our attorneys also give us exceptional insight and ability in handling peripheral matters that frequently arise with respect to such cases, such as counterclaims, crossclaims, and third-party claims; indemnification, contribution, and subrogation; contractual disputes; sovereign and other immunities; and insurance coverage issues. The synergy of the firm’s practice areas adds considerable value to our representation by allowing us to anticipate unusual case developments and respond accordingly.  No matter the facts or issues, in each case our overarching goal is to provide thoughtful, economical, and effective counsel for our clients at all stages of litigation, to and through trial in the following manner:

  • Complete Liability Investigations
  • Documentation and Cataloging of Evidence Relevant to the Issues to Ensure a Proper Defense and Avoid Spoilation
  • Interviews of Relevant Witnesses to Prevent the Loss of Key Testimony
  • Recommendations for Avoiding Future Liability Based on Investigation Information
  • Comprehensive Defense Strategy to Protect Your Interests
  • Examination of Claimants in All Available Aspects to Assess Credibility of Claims

No matter the dispute or issue, we strive to resolve the dispute in the most effective and efficient manner possible to best protect our clients' interests.